Neil Lee Griffin

    Born and raised in Upstate SC, growing up with a stutter as a child I was always fond of music. In my teens I decided that music was something I wanted to learn more about, so I set out to take piano lessons, and did so for a few years. Using the knowledge I gained from piano lessons I taught myself to play guitar.  In that time I started learning to play by ear which I found to be incredibly fun. 

    In my early twenties I started to write my own material. I have always loved movie scores and theme songs from TV, the way you can set up a scenario or convey an emotion in a story without saying a word really resonated with me.



    Terence attended Berklee College of Music for Music Production and California State University, Northridge for Music Education and Percussion Performance. He has played percussion professionally for over 29 years. With more than 10 years of audio engineering and producing experience throughout Southern California and North Carolina, Terence Ervan established Shady Palms Productions in 2011 In Los Angeles, California and has relocated the company to Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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