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Massage Therapy

Jessica obtained her massage license in 2007 (LMT# 5553) and has been practicing ever since - sometimes just out of the home, on call at the Upstate's "Simply Massage," and even providing chair massage at comic cons!

Please contact us if you'd like to schedule a massage, or would be interested in having chair massages available at your upcoming event. Prices start at $45 minutes for a one-hour table massage and $1 per minute of chair massage. 

My table massage offerings include:

  • ​aromatherapy oils

  • optional heated table surface for extra relaxation

  • hot stones available for an additional charge

  • I'm sensitive to your goals and preferences - if you're just looking to relax, I give an excellent Swedish massage but if you have particular muscular issues you hope to address, I'm happy to oblige with a more "deep tissue" massage, as needed.

  • My setup is portable and will travel. (additional $15 charge for house calls within a 30 minute drive)

Set up an appointment now!

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