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Jessica Griffin's Artistic Endeavors

Portraits  ~  Animals & Still Lifes  ~  Logos Lines & Letters  ~  Stitches  ~  Massage Therapy ~ Paint Parties  ~  GuitART

Neil and I grew up cultivating very different creative outlets, but we've been active in our artistic practices from a very young age.


One of my favorite questions as a kid was "What should I draw??" I feel that my greatest strength is also my greatest weakness - I'm so literal and can imitate an exceptional representation of real life, but coming up with ideas from fantasy can be a real challenge.



Neil, on the other hand, has imagination flowing straight through his veins right along with his breathtaking grasp of music theory, and has always

been an innovator.

On these pages , we're sharing all these things - my fine arts and crafts, Neil's creativity with his musical hardware and costume/clothing design, and the newest addition to our endeavors - paint parties. We hope you'll stay a while and enjoy the galleries of our combined creative efforts.


Jessica (aka "ALittleMessi")

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