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What is "Antler Hill Arts?"

We are "musical storytellers" joined by a love of music, creativity, and all things nerdy. 

First and foremost, the goal at Antler Hill is to bring joy through unique, original music. It's been said that Neil's style is reminiscent of Danny Elfman, with a quirky, sometimes eerie sound you might expect to hear at a Halloween party.

We like to call it "rustic rock."

We also want to bring awareness to the topics of stuttering and bullying, speaking up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

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In addition to live shows, we offer...

Recorded Music - We have CDs, MP3 download cards, and flash drives filled with digital files offering the whole collection of Antler Hill music.

Band T-Shirts - one-of-a-kind wearable art, featuring two logo designs to choose from.

Artistic Endeavors - Jessica's first passion, aside from singing, was art - especially pencil portraits. Buy a print of her past work or hire her for something completely new.

Stitches - Knitted fingerless gloves, hats, tiny kitties, stuffed pumpkins, and anything else you might put in a special request for.

Our eclectic offerings also include:


Contact us with any questions!

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